Friday, August 28, 2009

ice queen

so, i hear there is a great way of ridding yourself of annoying peeps in your life...interested?
ever have someone who makes your life miserable, makes work difficult, who you would rather not be around you so much?
i have the answer.
put them in the freezer....well, write their name on paper & put it in the freezer. i have it on good authority that this very scientific method works. i am unsure how long it takes, but apparently they will go...move on to another job, move interstate, blood involved. no authorities knocking on your door...all good.
secretly, we put someone on ice this week.....she is a total pain in someone's arse & life would be better all round if she moved on....& my theory is that it won't take long as she is such an ice queen already. she is on the top shelf just for good measure....

hey as an aside/coincidence...i have just watched my first episode of dexter. i have all 3 series. don't think i'll be addicted like weeds but it has potential....and i may have more ways of ridding peeps from your life! kidding!

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