Saturday, August 22, 2009


41 is so much more relaxing than 40. there was no pressure for parties & big ideas. it was just another day really....except i think this is the first birthday my man hasn't been here. due to work commitments, he has been in bangkok. my mum was here, so she organized pressies, dinner & flowers. so it was special. she took me to brunch at annok in paddington. highly recommended. perfectly hot flavourful coffee & spicy tortilla with red pepper, chilli. poached egg, harissa & lemon. it was yummy & my sorta brunch. i will definitely be back there.....

come to think of it, this week has been all about enjoying the sunshine, checking some shops out & brunches & lunches.

checked out coming up roses in bulimba & bought a few treats for friends, lunched at bulimba & shopped some fact, we have paced ourselves but achieved alot.

i have been spoiled having mum here to do the jobs i don't get around to or cannot do at the moment. she has ironed, scrubbed, washed, fluffed & generally done amazingly. i don't think we have ever had quality time alone together & i have never appreciated her like i have this week. she is still laughing at my crafty projects, kooky knitting style & half-baked ideas. maybe she saw a side of me she didn't know too.....

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