Monday, August 10, 2009

cleaner language for amish day

well apart from being relieved, i think my cleaner is in the clear. i ammended my swearing rant from yesterday....i do have a potty mouth. not around kids! but i definitely like the f word & sometimes forget that others don't share my i cleaned up my post.

i met my cleaner this morning & she won me over & appears mumsy in a good cleaner way. she said all the right a cleaner way. phew....i may just trust her to do the right thing...

and today has been amish day in our house....formerly known as technology free day. i thought i'd rename it to excite the boys. they were less than enthusiastic but rediscovered their inner chess skills, sorted out their bedrooms, folded washing, took rubbish out & ate ham rolls for lunch. that's as amish as we get. no fields to plough, no loom for weaving...they were rewarded with time back on technology late this afternoon. besides, i was exhausted & needed my amish arse on the couch with the laptop! but it is good to regularly remind them that things can be done without technology. i actually love these days & although they would never admit it, they get by without too many whinges. today they embraced it wholeheartedly.

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