Sunday, August 9, 2009

cushion love

i normally make the cushions around here but i am loving this! go to this gorgeous store & you will find more of the ruffles...i found this etsy store via a blog by the name of ishandchi & i love her style & her art. check it out....& she is an aussie!

i am trying to find inspiration for our bedroom that is in dire need of some styling....on a budget.
i am keen to frame some wallpaper of just stick some on an mdf board & hang over the bed. i have lots of empty walls to bring some life into.

and i have bedside tables to spray white. anyone ever used a sprayer for painting furniture? i am thinking of visiting my friendly bunnings guy soon for advice.

and i need to make a bedhead...maybe padded. maybe wall papered within a frame. maybe i don't have a clue....

but these things keep me awake at night. these & drafting the letter of complaint to my private hospital where i recently had my surgery....remember the $100 stolen while i was actually undergoing surgery? the male nurse thing is for another post.....lets just say no to equality here & leave them in their boy jobs...they are crap at actually caring for people! just let them climb the ladder already! like i said....for another post.

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