Wednesday, February 25, 2009


not a fan at the best of times...such is life. i must learn moderation. boring but essential.....
on a mission to shed 5kgs. not that hard you say?? i hate exercise and i love food and maybe wine and champagne too. there is a prize at the end. i am in competition with CF (control-freak, completer-finisher, ie husband) and i have found my competitive side. i want the prize!

just spent 5 days by the beach and became very relaxed. came back wanting to escape the real world even more. wanted a farm house. or cottage to decorate, chooks to steal eggs from, puppy to run with, open fire to burn marshmallows on, peace and quiet.....then i got to thinking:

  • boys need school. i am so not the home schooling type of mum!
  • we have jobs & haven't won lotto
  • i have a beautiful home still not decorated
  • i love our pool
  • i love my study
  • i can avoid the shops easily. i hate westfield.
  • i buy free range already
  • i can hide at home as much as i like

and i have decided that i am going to pretend i live on a farm and craft and cook as if i have all the time in the world. and i can buy a fire pit. and CF helped me to decorate the study (mmmmm). i have so much that i want and now i have decided to just sit back and enjoy it. how freeing and what a great discovery. i may still get my chooks and rolling hills when the boys leave home....for now, i have a patch of suburbia, a home and no snakes. i love being home!

Monday, February 2, 2009

february already?

i love school holidays but now i am enjoying the quiet of the house and being a little self indulgent with my boys back at school. i just cannot fathom where january went?? don't even mention hot cross buns.

so, i feel some crafting coming on this week. need to bust out the patterns in the amy butler books and decide my next project....o, and finish a few others. i have a half finished new baby gift in front of me and the poor child turns one soon - impossible.

and i have a day job that requires patience, energy, empathy, good catching skills, a tough stomach and an anti-bitching cape to cope with the all-female (mostly) staff. i am a midwife. mostly i love it. lately, i am too involved in the drama - the politics. new peeps from different parts of the world arrived enmass and trying to change everything within 5 minutes of passing through immigration. news people, we are happy with the way we do things here and if you don't love it, go back home to where things were done your way.....i actually wonder why you came at all. it sounds so perfect back there?? must keep sewing that anti-bitching cape! can you tell i am ready for holidays.....3 weeks of bliss coming very soon.

nutella and wine for dinner at midnight. no break at work. not good for the healthy eating plan and diet of 2009....


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