Thursday, July 30, 2009


my dilemma i be honest & blurt out on my blog about my real life? do people really care?do people really want to know anyway? who am i writing this for anyway?
sitting on the couch in the sunshine, i am deciding that this blog was for me & i never really expected anyone to read fact, only a handful of real life friends even know about it. and it was sort of meant to be about me & my journey....a totally selfish indulgence where i could write what i thought & write about my crafty obsessions that are often left unfinished.....and about my journey in this here it is.....

on monday i had a hysterectomy. no gory details required. i am 40 & i never thought i would be having such surgery. in the end though, the other options failed me & with much anguish, i signed up....let me tell you, there is such a thing as ignorance is bliss!

having a nursing background definitely has its drawbacks when you are suddenly the patient. knowing what could go wrong has drawbacks...and, i have a husband who is allergic to the mere smell of a hospital. he is in constant pain when inside a visitor. this is totally true & his pain is visible.

exhausting stuff....having to be checked in at 6am, put to sleep by 8am, had my gorgeous female doctor do her work on me for nearly 3 hours, have $100 stolen from my wallet while in surgery & vomiting for 12 hours takes its toll.... needless to say, i survived the ordeal & could not wait to leave 2 days after my surgery. the bags were packed & ghd cooling by the time my pale lonely poached egg arrived under it's steel dome for breakfast. private hospitals still do mass produced hospital food that is delivered by grumpy italian kitchen staff. and because i signed a form to release the hospital of any liability if anything was stolen, my $100 was an unfortunate incident....never mind that my bags were in their care while i was fucking anaesthetised!...this annoyed me as i had dreamt about this happening in the days leading up to my surgery & meant to give my husband the money from my wallet....sounds allison dubois crazy i know, but that is me i am afraid. so, doubly annoying that i knew it would happen & still did nothing about it....go figure....

so now, i get 6 weeks off work to recover & contemplate life without ever having a period again...sounds like bliss to me! the truth is....i don't actually have much pain. i haven't taken more than panadol & it all seems a little too good to be true. i get to sit & watch my husband do all the chores & ferry the boys to school. i am feeling a tad guilty but have been told by everybody to do nothing for a few weeks.....

so what's a girl to do? sit back, relax & place orders for tea as i see it.....seriously, it is hard to watch him do it all. and it is only day 3. the days are long. the daytime television is very bad....thank god for foxtel, the internet & wireless broadband i say. when i can drive in a few more weeks, all our lives will improve....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

shopping....worlds worst shopper!

so it's official....i am the worst shopper ever!
i hate grocery shopping....apparently i buy more cleaning products than food.
i hate clothes shopping - all too hard.
i love craft shopping but never get what i actually need.

yesterday, i followed in nerida's footsteps & got myself over to peppermint stitches....and left with nothing i went for & spent $100 on stuff for other remember my last post...a nice simple play/end of bed quilt to sew for a princess turning 1? well, i now have a really cute patchwork top of a quilt (urban chiks for moda fabric) that i sewed yesterday evening. i need to add a few blocks to the outside, put batting & back on, sew the binding....she may be 2 by the time she gets it!

and i fell in love with this layer cake of fabric to make my couch throws. these are gorgeous precut 10 inch squares of co-ordinating moda fabrics....i couldn't leave them there. i am tossing up whether to do a bed throw or lounge throw. it will tell me when it's done....that is my project for the next 6 weeks while i rest up post surgery.

with names like layer cakes & jelly rolls, how am i to resist....and the co-ordinating fabrics & precut squares takes the hard work out of it! i am such a fan now. and i saw the new amy butler range instore & i already have a 50percent sorta way of course!
i am still trying to justify to my husband the need for more don't get it do they? he is at the nod & smile stage, so i may be lucky....

Monday, July 20, 2009


yes, i slept through the mathilda's was it? i must find out when the next one is. surely there will be another in a few, for an alternative, i am off to peppermint stitches to stock up on some supplies for a few quilting projects i have in mind. well, i have something in mind & i am sure it will come together instore as i am lusting after more fabric to play with.

i want to do a little quilt for a gorgeous girl who turns one soon....& i think i will do this quick katie did one that i love the look of. i know this baby will be a toddler soon so i thought a little throw for her bed would be cute. or she could use it as a play mat when friends come over...i need to figure out the sizing though. any thoughts?


i know these wall graphics are everywhere right now but i think i need something punchy to bring a few walls to life. these are from byrdiegraphics & there are some great ones to choose from. i know. i know. one project at a time.......

Thursday, July 16, 2009

loves...old & new

i am a list girl. it helps me to get things done.....sometimes... i like to mark things off as i do them. for some reason, i feel the need to share some latest loves. it is more of a list of a few little things i enjoy of late. i am on night duty for 3 nights & this will help to keep me happy & sane. night duty is a bit like being put in a bunker & it is difficult to remember the real world. i need things to look forward to when i resurface & this will help...if i am boring you already, then run for the hills now!
here are some loves...old & new:
  • dry spell gardening has returned & brendan moar just melts me. need i say more...or moar? his voice alone could rock me to sleep......
  • katy perry - her voice & i would also kill for that body!
  • masterchef - what will i do next week when it all ends?
  • rhubarb - i bought some at new farm markets, cooked it up with a few strawberries & it was total heaven....who knew? i had never tasted it before.
  • the other boleyn girl. i am reading the book & nearly cheated & watched the movie. it is a beautifully written book & something i wouldn't have read without my friend lisa's recommendation. it does reminds me how far women have come since the 1500's when some days, i do wonder....
  • pork belly - my step mum was cooking it for my dad's birthday last night & her recipe sounded delicious....she was so ahead of her time with her cooking. i gave her such a hard time when i was young & struggled with the whole step family thing. but she was one who inspired me & helped teach me to cook...i am thankful for her patience & perserverence with me!
  • blogs like these that i never find time to add to my list....katie did, flair to remember (for her quotes alone), wifestylefiles, mabelandlola, canberrasgotstyle
well, maybe that will be enough to remind me of the goodness that awaits when i come from the dark side. i am still trying to figure out a way to get to mathilda's market on sunday. i am not sure coffee will be enough fuel though. i finish work at 7am & have high hopes of staying awake to be there at i said...high hopes!

Monday, July 13, 2009

what's doing?

i haven't had much time or energy for blogging & crafting of fact, i owe many peeps phone calls & emails & never seem to get around to it all. my sister will think i have fallen into an abyss....but she gets it.

i am still loving masterchef & the fact that poh is back. i will be lost when it finishes on sunday. i am not a regular tv viewer, so my addiction to masterchef surprises even when i loved the biggest loser...who knew i had it in me??

loved being in the garden yesterday with my family. the boys got in & helped & commented on what a great family day it was...we transformed our front garden...we always thought our landscaper was a little too minimalist (now coming from me that is something). i cannot stop admiring our work & look forward to spring now as i remember how much i love gardening.

bed shopping for 13yo bedroom makeover.... it is super comfy. it is king single to accomodate his teen growth. it has a 10 year warranty.....but my man tells me we won't need it...that he'll be left home long before the warranty runs dawned on me. shit, he is probably right. i cannot even begin to imagine family life without them being around. how does that happen? how does time just slip by & toddlers are suddenly teens..........really??

loving the thought of an ikea trip next week. i dare not attempt it in school holidays. i am not good with crowds at the best of times. am after some cool furniture for the bedroom makeover. i am trying hard to tackle one project at a time......really difficult i can tell you! it is like torture actually.

knit & bitch

i saw this cute little project on domesticali & have delusions of grandeur that i will instinctively know how to knit such a thing....i remember knitting in year 11....& getting my mum to complete the jumper i never wore....and as it happens, i stumbled across tangled yarns while getting a fringe trim in the valley. they offer classes for knitting & crochet. i was instantly drawn to their little had gorgeous yarn, books, projects, yummy muffins & real peeps in there knitting & crafting....and they looked like they were having such a relaxing time. i was on my way to work, so was on limited time. i need a little project like this for when it is inappropriate to haul a sewing machine around under my arm....
anyone interested in a knit & bitch class??? or anyone able to teach me the art of increasing & decreasing & fancy stuff like that?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


a horrible windy, cold day here today. been out for movies, bowling & donuts & now hiding from 4 boys having a school holiday get together....each of mine has a friend over.....don't get me wrong. they are fantastic kids but i do tend to hide away from the noise...they are boys & their voices are getting deep & they talk another language....especially after a transformers movie. and i cannot be bothered with the translation. thankfully they have their own entertainment....and i am pretty sure it doesn't involve girls...yet!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


finally... i got around to making a pin cushion. i stumbled across heather bailey's cute little one & zipped it up in 20 minutes this morning. i was determined to make something today....been feeling a little craft deprived of late....not making time for sewing.
busy with orthodontists, bike riding, donut eating, movie renting madness that is the school holidays. what a gorgeous warm & sunny day here though. i love these sort of winter days. I am definitely a sunshine girl. i grew up in the cold & never want to go back to bone freezing conditions....i have one in new york or europe. that i could do.....yeah, that would be worth the cold!


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