Friday, January 30, 2009

a new year

so it's 2009 and i attempt to start another blog. my last effort was typically 50percentkaz - a few entries, not craft related...more whiney related and so abandoned. i needed more scope. not just a craft related blog but more real for my life of unfinshed bits, dream projects, bitching about family and work. generally just living life.
and i am 50percentkaz - i surrender.
my promises this year:

  • aim for 75percentkaz
  • continue to drive my freakishly completer-finisher husband mad beyond belief
  • reign in the hormones and control the monthly rage
  • finish some house related projects
  • love me more
  • sew and cook more - it is so relaxing....
that is a big list for me. i do love my lists.

so, i have started off the year with a bang. i have mixed up some vodka and vanilla beans and am awaiting the 2 months to pass when i can use my very own homemade vanilla extract.

recipe (well adjusted a bit) here.vanilla beans from a very helpful aussie company here. they were friendly, fast and cheap. love all that.

the cupboards smell of divine vanilla and we get to shake our bottle every day. i think this is a good (and so easy) thing to do. i was totally over paying $6+ for a measly amount of extract. and now i have 30 organic vanilla beans to play with. happy days.


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