Thursday, August 13, 2009

fun & whimsey

here are some great little bits that would make a cute project for a kiddie/baby room. funny how i never had time nor energy for any of these things when mine were babies....
but that's the thing....i finally have time to do stuff i enjoy. being a mum is the best thing in the world. it is exhausting at the same time but now my boys don't need my physical help anymore, i get to spend some time & energy on me.

we didn't have any family around when it would have been handy....i still remember the toddler days & sleep deprived insanity of sick babies. we are so used to just managing ourselves. not relying on anyone for help. maybe a little too fiercely independent. but that is us.

now i have time....yes, i am at home recovering & have the luxury of 6 weeks off work....but even apart from that, i feel very lucky to have breathing space to appreciate the things that bring me joy.

it is simple stuff like reading a book, flipping through a new magazine, planning & decorating the home, making baby gifts for friends, meeting friends for lunch...

i feel like we are starting a new phase as a family too....the boys contributing to ideas for a family holiday, thinking about making more time as a couple, enjoying quieter relaxing time as a couple & as a family....really enjoying one another. less stress. more independence. less urgency. more about the individual needs. more fun. more whimsey!
the origami cranes are from madebyjo & the crochet flowers are by anniedesign....cute!

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