Wednesday, September 2, 2009

robin the valley

wow yesterday i had robin hood cut my hair. i kid you not. fair dinkum.
i walked into my hairdressers in the valley & here is my guy in green tights, mocassins & flowing shirt....definitely straight from sherwood forrest. i had to look away so as not to giggle. i love him but it was hilarious. to him, it was normal workwear. just doing his thing. instead of bow & arrow, he packs scissors & a ghd....& doesn't bat an eyelid. thankfully his package was spared as it was hidden under his flowing shirt. when men wear tights it seems impossible not to check it all out....wouldn't you agree? maybe that's just me though...
men in tights....not so sure. but wouldn't it be so cool to feel that confident & pull the look off....

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