Wednesday, August 5, 2009

double digits....& cross -stitch arse

i am finally in the dreaded double digits for the advent calendar....who would've believed it? number 12, you are in my sites.

the plan was to sew up these little embroidered bags, pop a treat inside & hang them from something....that was meant to happen last year. never mind. thankfully for me, christmas happens every year. yeah...

my embroidery skills are very basic & it takes me quite a while to do each number. i just trace around a kikki-k set of sticky numbers i bought (they happened to be a good size), sit, thread my needle & strain my eyes (the contact lenses need to be even stronger i am sure).

i live in fear of developing cross-stitch arse....every lovely woman i know who cross stitches, has quite the ample arse. no judgements. just an cross stitch is not my thing - just saying - but i imagine if i finally finish 24 of these bags, my arse will be huge because it is impossible to sit & stitch without tea & biscuits.....

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