Friday, August 28, 2009

attention span m.i.a.

i think my attention span got removed with my uterus. i just haven't been able to concentrate on anything for long....worse than usual.

but yesterday i finished something. i had this idea in my head & finally played a bit. needs tweaking & refining but thought it looked cute. i may be delusional & just in a happy place for merely finishing something though...

the photo is crap. no light. but you get the drift. there is a little cloud up in the right hand corner that you can barely see. it is a mixture of hand & machine stitching & the blue blob is a butterfly. the photo is very dodgey! so are my embroidery skills...

so there you have it. another useless project for a little girl. the boys in my life just don't appreciate all of my amazing talent & hard work....the garage sale pile is mounting up nicely.

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