Tuesday, August 11, 2009

bedroom secrets...

no not those kinds of bedroom secrets..... but
i stumbled across house of turquoise yesterday & there is so much to love & so much inspiration here, i cannot imagine not feeling in the mood with these bedrooms... i am well known for my love of white & i had decided that my other bedroom colour would be aqua/teal/turquoise....you get the drift. so this site was a perfect start.
i love the headboard in this particular photo. and it looks so fresh & relaxing...
i have been warned to do one room at a time. my man knows just how side tracked i can become. the good news is i am nearly finished our eldest son's room. i managed to get 2 more rugs from ebay on friday - one for his room & one for the loungeroom. they should be delivered any day now. then just a few more wall details & he will be ready to rock & roll. the fact that he is hanging out in there alot more tells me i have done ok.....maybe i'll take some photos when it is actually complete...and clean & tidy!

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