Sunday, May 31, 2009

man flu

husband has man flu...much worse than swine flu - for me that is....
he has not grown a tail yet, so we are safe. will keep you posted though.
i have just been baking. check my other blog here for the goss.
be back soon for crafty update. monopoly game awaits...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

too sweet

this is from an aussie designer - naomi murrell- check her lovely goods out. her brooches & pendants are super sweet too. found through bloesem i think? love that look. we need to support more aussie designers peeps!

and this spoon from here. what a great modern christening gift! as i am obsessed with the stamped necklaces all around, it is no surprise i fell in love with lisa's work. her pendants are beautiful also. read her blog. be warned, you will cry. it is inspirational. what an amazing mum. i came across her months ago & forgot to bookmark, but with all things meant to be, i found her again. a super sweet start to the day....

Monday, May 25, 2009

shaggy rug high & dry

well, it wasn't floating down a main street in the floods. it just arrived & i am so happy with it!! it is soft & shaggy & i love it. if harley gets his claws into it, i may have to tweak his whiskers...
go here if you need a rug. but don't outbid me next time....

telstra shit me - i'm now a skype girl

telstra shits me totally. i have a long history of them shitting me actually. most recently, after 2 years & many emails & phonecalls, they still don't have our address right on the whitepages. they do however manage to post the bill to the correct address. don't even get me started!

so, i am on a mission...well, i need cf on the mission but i will yell the orders!

i don't think we need a landline any more. anyone else done away with this?
with more options for internet now, i am sure we can do without it. we both have mobiles & cf has a frigging blackberry (that i would like to throw in the pool at times), i have a laptop (technically since i spilled tea all through the keyboard it doesn't work unless it is plugged more of a tabletop than a laptop) & cf has a work laptop - that works anywhere. we have foxtel. no idea how that works. i just turn it on & it works...see why i need cf on the mission?

so, i joined skype last night. i usually buy a cheap phonecard online for when cf is os. but i thought i'd check skype out. i was sooo clever & managed to download & started calling within 10 minutes. i have the children's computer headphones that work & i speak into the tabletop/general area (no idea how/where it works but it does). the conversation was clearer than any other os call i have made & i can sms as well - at half the price of my mobile!

for comparison - calls using my phonecard to a landline in png (a very $$ country to ring i might add) were between 65c & 95c/min. using skype it is 24c per minute to cf's blackberry & sms were 11c each. telstra charge $1000/min - well, they probably do...

peeps, sign up for skype. you get free calls to other skype peeps!! what's to lose? i used my paypal account to pay as you go to test the waters. trust me, if i can download & manage to work it out in minutes, so can you. my cat could probably do it!

i am now going to buy a webcam for more real thinks it may have other untold benefits...but he is a boy!
photo - fabric i bought from alittlegoodness when closing down. cute japanese cotton.

don't call me tamar...

yesterday was spent in a pmt haze but i was determined to get started on my little bird house. i totally winged it & as it worked out, so far i have followed nerida's directions even though i didn't have them at the time. clever eh? and i think i am whip stitching but don't know what that is we are maybe half way a 50percentkaz sorta way..

i am now hoping the fact that i just did some exercise is totally combatting the calories i am shoving in my mouth in the way of caramel slice...sugar + pmt = getting through the day.

and i live in hope my shaggy rug is not floating up a main street in hasn't arrived yet. my other one has & i am very happy... in a 50percent sorta way. hopefully today for my shaggy one.

this week is all about appointments for me. i am sure to forget something/someone. cf is in png & i am hoping to remember to pick him up on thursday from the airport.
photo above from hazelnut cottage. nice stuff!

Friday, May 22, 2009

family photo

harley is a rag doll & he is fatter now. this was his fave spot to rest. apparently they are friends...
this is the anaemic bird who has many lives...thank god! his resilience astounds me.
both are full of personality & much loved.

50percent driftwood

i do like getting the power tools out for a play. it's on the wall but not exactly finished...i do like it though. it is very textural & organic as all the arty trendy peeps would say. my family will comment on the sand still falling out of it & the woodiness of it all of course...but they are boys & unless they're blessed with the gay gene, i don't think aussie men would get it anyway....fair call?
and it looks less like dog poo in real life too...

projects & lists

after a reasonable nights sleep with a bed hogging cat, i am in the mood for making lists...projects that are half finished, things that need doing around the house, jobs for cf to complete....thought if i put them in writing here i may be more inclined (shamed into) to actually finish something. i won't bore you with the house stuff... or the man jobs. so here goes for the crafty list:
  • do my driftwood hanging...i went to the trouble of collecting the wood when we went to kingscliff & had grand ideas
  • finish my advent calendar...i started it in october for last year but only got to 9. i had the bright idea of embroidering each letter....if i start now, i may get it done for this year.
  • make a pin cushion...i keep getting injured digging into my tin
  • make a little b'day gift for friend's b'day in july...cannot mention what i have in mind as she may finally get around to reading this blog
  • get new baby gift sorted for teacher at school. i have what i need, just need to actually do it!
  • start my quilt for the couch...well, i need 2 but i cannot start 2 can i? you know, the amy butler one....note i didn't say finish the quilt...and mine will be a version of this one...i hope
  • make a freaking bird house...and if i actually get this done (will be a miracle) i will make a freaking bird to go in it...and no one will be allowed to touch it either!

so, i am off to the garage to find the drill & drfitwood. it sure beats ironing!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

retirement home

this is my retirement home. close to byron & bangalow. i can just see me swimming at night & sipping a little champagne by the pool. in cooler months it would be all about the fire pit & red wine though.
i've seen this in a mag recently & it has won a big award. now it is for sale if you have a cool 7.5 million. check it out here.

art dreamer

check this great site for affordable aboriginal art....i feel a wishlist coming on...
there is something very moving about this sort of art for me. it is from the soul.

tamar bird houses

ok, so i discover i can buy a 15cm bird house for $ it but....i can't live in it & for that price i would need to sell a small child....tempting i know... so i am now even more determined to have a go myself....neridaaaaaa....

what drought?

so, enough rain for you peeps of brisbane? omg - what a few days it has been. stay safe everyone. our school sent a text through at 6.30am this morning to let us know all was good for school today. the boys were mighty miffed as they thought for sure the roads would still be flooded & they'd have another day at home......nope. just me & the cat...and the anaemic bird.

i had quite a trip home yesterday with all the flooded roads & chaos as everyone was trying to leave the city. my cruisy 30 minute trip became a 90 minute crawl of patience. one of the car parks at work was waist deep in water with all of the cars trapped. cf thought i was exaggerating until he saw the news last night. apparently i tend to exaggerate some times. i like words like always, everywhere, everyone....

lustworthy bird house

i can't let the fabric bird house thing go. these are from tamar mogendorff & i need to know how to make one. i might even just make up a pattern. no idea where to start of course. but that has never stopped me before......any help greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i'd like a daughter for a few dress up in funky leggings and tunic (with groovy boots in this rainy weather), to have babycinnos with, to braid her hair, to talk about weddings, to sew together, to do real mummy-daughter stuff. then when she screams, slams doors, wears too much makeup, becomes hormonal & tells me she hates me, i would give her back to her real mother....boys do have a few advantages.
this gorgeous crafty project was found over a bloesemkids & i thought it was so cute. check her link to the shop. what a cute idea & a great project for a mum & daughter.......
my boys asked me a few years ago if i ever wished i'd had a i said. i am soooo happy with my boys. they were pleased & then said i could adopt a girl from china if i did want a sweet. they meant it....i am just trying to get them to appreciate girls & that we are different. i hope to be training them well for their future girlfriends....boys who are patient, caring, respectful, thoughtful & far so good. they are great students. but they are not into sewing or braids......anyone have a girl i can borrow just for a day?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

gifts,friends,rug guy,cops & bleeding nipples

this week has been full of surprises...wonderful & bizarre.

i caught up with one very dear friend who gifted me some gorgeous big black beads...heavy & tactile & absolutely beautiful...perfect! it really touched my heart that someone special would do something for me just to make me happy. wow! she is such a gorgeous girl!!

i returned to work yesterday after a month off, only to sleep in & be 45 minutes late. the alarm didn't go off. i'd been checking the time all night as i kept dreaming the alarm hadn't gone off.......turns out i had my phone on silent. silent alarm not so helpful in waking me as it turns out.
all good in the end. my patients had no place better to be. and they were a joy to care for.

bonus was i had lunch with a friend at work that i had a little gift for. she ran me around to & from hospital & sorted my dinner out recently (cf was away). she is one of those friends who would do anything for you & expects nothing in return. so i wanted to do something nice for her. i had a graphic designer custom make some bookplates with her name & phone number. this friend absolutely loves her books & is generous & lends some out....but peeps are slack in returning them. so a perfect gift i thought. the designer excelled & they were beautiful.....glossy stickers with delish modern design as per my (very brief) brief - thank god this designer can read minds!....and my friend loved them & was excited at a gift made just for her that was so right. ahhh mission accomplished. it was great to see the delight in her face.
ebay update - i ended up scoring 2 rugs for the grand total of $260 delivered to my door (the effing postage was a total of $110). rug guy says the rrp are $800 & $900....wouldn't surprise me but i wouldn't be paying that much for a rug for my cat to use as a scratching pole. they have been posted, so lets hope they are good. the ebay gods should be on my side.
now it is sunday & just returned from collecting 12yo from mate's house from sleep over. enroute called "000" - a first for me. idiot road rage incident at another car all happening in front
of me. scary as i had 9yo with lasted through 3 suburbs & i was sure the pursuit & aggression was going to cause a serious accident or end in a bashing. talk about adrenalin rush. shit!! anyhow, reported number plates & concerns to nice cop...says he has me still living in sir, i do have a qld drivers license i promise....he giggled & said he believed me. 9yo excited as he thinks we will be on the news, cops coming to our house & other excitement.
this is the same child who recently packed his own toilet paper for our overnight stay for the wedding (i couldn't answer him to how many stars the hotel was & he got nervous apparently) & then took every ammenity from the bathroom as we are entitled mum as we paid enough for the room....cute in his own way! promise...
so, back to my relaxing out running for 2 1/2 hours training for his marathon. he just popped back home for some nipple protection with bleeding nipples....i have no idea how you breastfed 2 babies & put up with this sort of pain...because i am tougher than you! obviously! cute in his own way! promise...
now, coffee & chocolate is in order........and back to my relaxing sunday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ebay karma

have you been hanging out for the aussie dollar to show its face again?? well, it's looking healthier. i am about to trawl etsy in hope of some fabric i need more right now! but i can look can't i??

i have practical stuff to do - meal planning, toilet cleaning, shower cleaning, exercising....all the boring shitty jobs.

i'd much prefer to be doing nothing, sipping hot chocolate in my slippers, organizing recipes, dreaming of sewing projects, bidding for my third rug in hopeful anticipation of winning this is it with ebay anyway? i am sure i am getting totally scammed in the last few minutes. i just cannot let it go though. i will put myself through the torture again today. i am very stubborn at times.

ebay has been good to me. i have sold plenty of stuff for great prices. i am kind to people though. i often throw in a little extra or a nice note or good thoughts.......ebay karma should be working for me.........this rug guy is screwing with my head....second chance offers my arse......i will beat him in the end.

be warned rug guy. i am not a woman to be messed with! just ask the men in my life!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

no medication required

well, what a week! but look at what i have achieved....some things are 100% finished even
  • gifts for school - check
  • cushions for bed - check
  • clutch for wedding - check

boy, it has been a huge week. and thrown into the mix - a wedding (beautiful), mother's day (ahhh) & missing out on a rug on ebay by $1 - a story for another day.

the clutch went without a hitch. amazing for me i can tell you. i kept it simple & it went perfectly. great size, great fabric, great to finish something!

the wedding - just beautiful. really special. the boys were amazingly behaved & they made me very proud.

then out to brunch at tenneriffe for mother's day - delish! then home for a very lazy afternoon & takeaway dinner. i scored some great gifts......a handstamped necklace with the boys' names & birthstone crystals from here. and i got my pinking shears!! and slippers. and got to be totally lazy all day. i even managed to sew my cushions for my bed & they look great.

but today.....i have loads to catch up on. better get to it. and i am avoiding ebay.......promise!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

wedding day

this is the big day......our friends' special day. this photo is from here. the sun is shining, my hair is straight (god i love ghd), my frock is pressed, my clutch is sewn.........i am nearly ready.

i am so excited for our special friends. he was our best man 14 years ago & she i have only known for 10 months but it feels like a lifetime. you know the sort of friends....

speaking of friends. i have the most amazing friends in the world. one in particular is the most amazing woman i know. she has been close to my heart of late in a way she may never truly know or understand. i am so blessed to be surrounded by some amazing women. in a household full of boys, it is the women in my life that fill something else in me & give me something every time i spend time with them. i have learnt alot about myself this last month & alot about other people too. i have popped out the other side stronger & thankful for everything in my life. it is a journey & i am doing my best to give it all i've got.

girl friends, i cannot put into words how much you mean to me. it is not that simple. words seems so inadequate. i hope to give something to your journey the way you have given to mine.
you have blessed me with so much & for that i thank you from my heart. i wouldn't be here without you! i love you & feel so

Sunday, May 3, 2009

tea bag wallet & midwifery skills

so i changed my mind after inserting ribbon as the ties for the little wallets. i wanted a snap closure with a tab. i had already done 4, so i needed to ammend these first.

now, because i am so used to working in confined spaces with 2 fingers figuring out where a head is, how dilated the cervix is & what position a baby is in from the landmarks on his head, i thought nothing of squeezing my 2 fingers into the wallet, inserting a press stud & redoing all the tabs. i carried on for 3 wallets.......then it dawned on me.....if i actually unpick half of my wallet, i can achieve everything with full vision & redo it all sooo quickly. and finish with a quick restitch up.

i had been working through a 5cm space & turning things in & out for adjustments 100 times through this tiny space......beacause i am used to working that way!
3 down, 7 to go!

dear god, i have to get out a little more....
final note: these need neat hand stitching to close the opening & a tidy up of threads...a bit like after a vaginal birth.....just saying!

bipolar sewing

ok, so maybe i am a crafty way.
i have sooo many grand plans for some little projects & have a mountain of fabric around me. I have to prioritise though or i will need to be medicated to achieve it all.
here's the list:
  • finish tea bag wallets for school mother's day stall
  • make labels for wallets & heat packs
  • package up the chocolates & other goodies i am donating for the stall
  • make clutch purse for wedding
  • make cami for new witchery top that jumped in my bag when i was buying the dress for the wedding
  • make cushions for my bed with fabric i bought from here at craft fair
  • decide which amy butler quilt i am going to make & sort the fabric out. check out her designs here. The patterns are all free. i have printed 2 off....august fields & lotus brick path
  • make a little something for a friend's birthday. i know just the project & i have 10 weeks for that one. phew!

so, my list is long. there are lots of fiddly bits....i need to design the purse pattern first and then cut into some gorgeous lace i found yesterday at spotlight. it is metalic silver fine lace & might look fab over some plain black fabric....we'll see. it was $4, so if it ends up in the corner, the boys still get to eat. no promises on the clutch ever eventuating btw. i am a realist now.

i only have until tuesday to have all the gifts sorted for some lucky mums. i decided to make extra & donate them for the teacher to give quietly for the children who may have nothing for their mums next weekend. many families are doing it tough & i wanted to quietly contribute. only the teacher knows it is me, so i feel a little like santa....& it feels great to give.

more on the tea wallet fiasco to come.......

Friday, May 1, 2009

lavender & lace make me vomit

ok, so i made it to the stitches & craft show...and i went with my best attitude...and i respect the older community...and i respect the traditional quilt makers....
but OMG there was sooo much lace and country style quilting. i was a baby compared to most crafty peeps there. and i am over 40 now!
i learned some quilting from these masters & so have great respect for their knowledge & skill. but please can we have more mod shit here please????
i did find a few stalls with my sorta style. bought some heather bailey fq's from here and these helpful ladies were great. they tell me they have cool stuff in their shop at toowong...i also bought the new real living mag (half price) & some yummy fabric from here. it was a relief to find some of the owners of blogs i check in on regularly. i was too shy to reveal myself as a stalker. i am not normally described as shy, so i am sure my friends & family would die of laughter reading that!! i had just a little cash to spend as i have been buying up a fabric storm of late. so i was restrained. for me.
i saw some gorgeous little bird houses that i have admired online before & now i just have to have one...i will chase one down from somewhere. nerida is sure to know where to get one. she might have even posted about them before.....she has been my go-to girl for most things bloggy of late.....she always comes up with the goods too.
photos when weather improves & sun shining...
today i found a little joy, so that is good....i needed some joy today.


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