Monday, August 17, 2009

knit one purl one

my mum is visiting for the week as my man is in bangkok for work all week. so i get to sit back & have her spoil me...& teach me to knit!

our first lesson was today & it wasn't too shabby. there was much laughter from her as she saw me struggle & look a little awkward. but i now know the basic stitches & buttonholes. all good for my little project in mind.

then i got to thinking....only as i do....that a cute little egg cozy may get me in the mood & encourage me to finish a simple little project. so my search began. of course i instantly fell in love with this adorable one & now nothing else compares....when really, i needed simple, plain, search continues but i do dream....

and i don't even like boiled eggs! wtf??
go here & buy it...i am having problems even joining...but of course i would! remember i have blogged about julie before...

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