Sunday, February 28, 2010

japanese advantage

is it wrong to encourage my eldest son to stay good friends with the most gorgeous half japanese girl in the school? i mean, they are great friends & have been for years.
it's just that now i lust after washi tape & japanese craft books, i could use this japanese influence to my advantage couldn't i?
and she is stunning & super smart....
& goes home to japan often.
shit, what's not to like?
my eldest voluntered to be a buddy for a japanese exchange student last week too. this is my son who embraces his inner nerd & has just spent his sunday at a debating workshop. god, where did he come from? he's cute & thoughtful & cultured & would totally make a wonderful boyfriend for a gorgeous japanese girl....i could invite her to dinner to translate for me.
she sends home origami swans for him.
life is good with this girl around.
i just need some happy tape!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

dutch chicks

not so long ago, all i knew about holland was clogs, tulips & the tasty little croquets(?) my old dutch neighbours would cook up when i was 12. remembering, i came from closed minded rural australia & that my mother still refers to anyone with an accent, dark hair /skin or a passport as new australians! really.

i have the most amazing friend who's family brought her to australia from holland at the age of 12. she tells stories of speaking no english, kooky (to aussies) clothes & head flushing at school - all for just being different. i cannot even imagine how difficult her life was back then. i have a deep admiration of this girl & she embraces her uniqueness with an ever present smile. i love her. her talents are many & she is stylish beyond words. i am hoping some style rubs off on me one day...

since discovering blogging, i have discovered more deliciousness than i can imagine about the netherlands & surrounding areas & i just want to be transported there to live for a year. i would be the awkward, daggy, pale little aussie among the strong, stylish, tall dutch chicks. i would just hope i am past the head flushing stage.

blogs like yvestown totally let me escape to another world, if only for a little while. this dutch girl is amazing & i cannot wait to discover more on her blog.

now, i am after dottieangel's clogs & i can tiptoe through the tulips. do they actually wear clogs in the netherlands or is it just a tourist thing? i don't want to be wearing anything kooky & put myself at risk of a head flush... is from yvestown blog & tutorial for crochet garland there also. btw, i had a go but my clogs are pinching my toes &  i need to practice more....


dottieangel is pure nanna chic goodness. check it out.
just wishing i could be cool enough to wear a dress over jeans & boots like she does. love it.
i am thinking i need more nanna chic in my house.... 

this week

a big week. extra shifts & a workshop that wasn't quite as poke your eye out with a needle boring as what i was led to believe - thank god we had the fill in facilitator!!

my saviour was....indian food & wine last night after overtime & being in the same clothes for 15 hours....well, a shower was good too.

also, i cannot get my mind off granny squares. i have had an image of a rug in my mind for a year now. you know the ones doing the circuit. little explosions of colour within white borders...mmmm.

i really want to be wrapped in mormon goodness in one of kelly's classes & feel that buzz of creativity....except i am pretty sure i wouldn't last long in the mormon group. i swear too much & like a glass of wine with lunch. & i sorta have a problem with rules. i would want to take all the lovely community, family, womanly bits & bathe in that for a while & then get a glass of wine. i don't need more than one glass but i like to have the choice. i am a bit 50percent when it comes to religion too i am afraid. it's just how god made me.....

ps...have you noticed how gorgeous the mormon girls are btw??  i have mentioned it to kelly before & apparently you have to be gorgeous to join up

Monday, February 22, 2010

secret weapon

it must be biggest loser time do i know this? because i am hauling my arse around the neighbouhood trying to run....remember my attempts last year? well i do & it wasn't pretty. but i thought if caitlin can run, maybe i can try too....she is 180kg after all.

my wakeup call came when i was trying shorts on in target. i caught site of my arse in the rear view mirror in the change room & i tell you, i was scared! wtf is with that lighting in there. is it meant to be a beacon onto the biggest part of you?

anyhow, after my man hears the distress in my voice, he takes me to athlete's foot. i am a total newbie there & i am happy with the 18yo assistant's advice & self control at my plight.

well, now i have a secret weapon - i had no idea what a difference a good pair of shoes makes when trying this whole exercise caper. man, these shoes have wings! i can run....well, i am up to 4 minutes at a time, so no need for applause....

my other secret weapon is the bike pants that are under my hold everything in & control the wobble. this is a good thing. especially for those running past me!

so, i stick with my mission for greater fitness. i have a girlfriend coming in april for a visit, so i have a goal. goals are good. maybe i just need to do a weekly visit to the target change room to keep me motivated.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

random pretty little things

sometimes it's just nice to browse. to smile on the inside. to escape for a little while.
i had these photos in my file & i know i risk condemnation for not naming sources. but today i am lazy. so, sorry, but enjoy.
i have my sister visiting unexpectedly for a few nights. she has a close friend here who is dying, so it is a difficult visit for her.
i am excited to see her though & wish she could stay longer.....
my thoughts are with his family & friends xxx

woof xxx

one of the girls at work had herself a baby boy. i had these little doggy drawings of mine come to life in an appliqued singlet, softie & cuddly toy & popped them in a bag.
i think they are rather cute.
& i remembered to take a photo before posting them off.

table love...

months ago i bought some very scruffy table legs on ebay. they were described as daggy....a bit like me really!
i snapped them up for $25. no-one thought i would do anything with them. no one could see the potential. i had an idea though.
look at them now!! with a bit of scrap pine, a screw driver and handsaw, i have myself a cute little console table....all for under $100. and just one blister & minimal swearing was involved too....
i love a bargain. and it has soul. and the legs have history. they come from an old church & are over 100 years old.
daggy, my arse! i am fucking brilliant i tell you....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

what i should be doing is the ironing....
i am bumming around here reflecting on my busy week & making a journal cover....that doesn't fit the diary it was made for, but fits a notebook. so not all is lost.
kids back into the swing of school & homework.
man still has 2 weeks off.
i am meant to be emailing my cv to someone.....god this job stuff is exhausting. no wonder people just can't be bothered & stay put. it's been 4 years since i've had to apply for anything. it takes energy...
other happenings this week....
  • i am wondering why i was having a conversation with my boys about not trying to pee with an i'd know to be honest!
  • where is that international man of mystery when it comes to these talks??
  • i am reading the girl most likely by rebecca sparrow. i am sure she was looking down on my life when she wrote it....a funny read & i love a girl that's not afraid of the f- word
  • career talk - one step forward & two back.
  • i join up again?
  • wishing my baking mojo would return
  • skinny dipping alone...& a shower outside by the pool. the poor neighbours!
  • planning another girls night out with the cool chicks from work - they rock!


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