Wednesday, November 18, 2009

cuckoo & freezer!

ok blogworld. need your help. i need a cuckoo clock on a budget. so, i am thinking of stencilling with freezer paper...cause i hear it's dead simple. one big problem. no american freezer paper here that i can get my hands on quickly. well, not that any has come to my attention...
so, after emailing one blogger & obviously sounding like a complete lunatic, i am putting it out to the universe. this usually works for me.
so, if you know where i can buy some here in aus, or if you are a blogger willing to do me a favour & post some to me, please email me. i am happy to pay for it!! just not what they charge per sheet as some online shops.
as an aside, i had my appointment with my psychic friend for some questions i had for him...i was wearing my cuckoo clock brooch. as i do. and he tells me his guide is pointing at my brooch giggling & telling him to look...he then tells me i am completely mentally stable even though i am wearing a cuckoo clock. but i knew that already thanks very much!
my friend will be cuckoo too with her little one for christmas....

ps my brooch from from here. love her style & blogged about her before. doesn't it just make you a mentally stable sorta way!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hot mess!

no, not!
i am hot & my house is a mess!
it was about 36 degrees here today & it was so hot i even got in the pool with the boys after school. i am a get in real quick, cool off without getting my hair wet sort of swimmer. you know the & out before i get splashed too much. boys don't get it.
i would much rather head in after dark for a quiet nudie swim when everybody is asleep....well they were supposed to be asleep. we got sprung one night by the kids! very funny story but will spare you the least until another time.
just wanted to say a quick thanks to all the LDS girls who have emailed me/left a comment. you are all so sweet & i wish i could come to one of your crafty sessions....more on LDS again soon.
today was about orthodontists, keeping up fluids, trying the new bakery - choc brownie, carrot cake & cupcakes all was too hot to cook, cooling down & delaying the housework another day....all in all a lazy day. but i needed it! is not my pool but cool eh? i think it came from but found it months ago...

Friday, November 13, 2009

tote tote...

tote making. like little handbags. you know. not for the groceries but for a magazine, sunnies, phone & a quick trip to the beach...or shops.
for my shop. feeling nervous about revealing them to the world though.
i have been channelling my inner nanna & rediscovering my crochet skills too. my totes will have a little embellishment to make them extra spesh.
and i am on the job designing some other bits..... like only i can do..... all in my head spinning around. from iphone....batteries dead in camera

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


remember when you were a kid in closed-minded rural australia...well maybe i am reliving my childhood...but you get the idea. well, i remember growing up in a world where there was no other religion other than being a catholic...& you certainly didn't question it or dare to think the hip cute new priest in town was actually cute...i was 18!
as i grew up & saw the locals praying on sundays & banging someone else's husband/wife during the week, i started to question a few things. & no one could really answer my questions adequately. i have no idea why i was dressed up like a miniature bride & confirmed at the age of 12? the best thing about midnight mass on christmas eve was the drinking session at the local pub afterwards...
lets just say i got skeptical & ditched the whole religion thing. instead, i explored the world, different religious points of view & the spiritual world. & i am glad to say i am a better person for it.
the thing is, i keep bumping into the wonderful women of the church of latter day saints. i have been known to hide from answering the door when they come knocking at home, but in the blog world, they are the amazing crafters, mothers & bloggers that i follow & then realise they are LDS. then i pick a new book up & discover a few pages in that it is about a LDS family caught in the middle of the murder of their young i am a tad curious. they are quite the community & they have such great support for one another. & big families to share the load......
must visit cjanes site & read some more.....


i feel like i am forever recovering from night duty. all it takes is a bad sleep - like 5 hours in 48 hours - & i am screwed! but i am back now & have 2 weeks off to bum around....well, craft, clean, shop, cook, pretend i am busy.
but a few good things.......
i have started the christmas shopping - & that never happens
i have an appointment with someone cool who can help me with my little inner voice
my man will be on long service leave for 10 weeks very soon - this could end badly as he has never had so much time on his hands & he is only just beginning to learn how to truly relax. but i hold high hopes. & i have a big list to keep him going!
i had a great chat to my gorgeous talented sister yesterday after way too long of missing one another
the alternative christmas dinner for work is all arranged & secret santas texted. see, i cannot be all schmoozy with peeps i don't like/respect. it is just not me. life is too short. so, a friend & i have sorted an alternative with just 9 of us from work...drinks & dinner & we are keeping it quiet!

and a few bad things....
my man is away for the best part of 3 weeks - like here one minute, ordering room service the next kind of scenario
the advent calendar will not be finished for this year....maybe for the grandchildren

pssss. these a few things the talented sis is working on. the cake tins are a fab gift that you can fill with homebaked goodies. & the bobby pins are to die me if you are interested. she may kill me but i am so proud of her!


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