Tuesday, April 26, 2011

in the stars...

mothers always feel guilty...no?
i don't like to get involved in the working/staying at home mother debate. it's not healthy.
we made a decision early that one of us would hang at home. my career went on hold. we travelled around the country for my man's work, i worked a few days (or nights) a week & the boys had me home mostly. now it's my time. i feel a little selfish at times....
it was in my stars....everything i read last year was about a little leo growing up & moving up.it felt like whatever i dreamed of, i got. don't get me wrong. it was hard work too. but i set my mind to something & i achieved it. the universe aligned & now i have a dream job. sometimes you just have to believe.
photo is one of poh's paintings...remember i discovered her before she was on masterchef??

jumping through hoops

i am unsure where the months go.
i have jumped through alot of hoops lately though.
today i feel strong. other days, not so much. hormones. life.
change is great though.
on a crafty note.....i have squeezed in a few sessions of late. the ironing & housework just has to wait sometimes. the crafting quiets my soul & brings me joy.
this teeny embroidery hoop was made with love from recycled cloth, vintage buttons & transfer paper. it took me longer to figure out how to print in mirror mage than to make the whole thing....i made another but it was gifted before i photographed it. it had red & white spot bunting. really cute.
jumping through hoops...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

new year

somehow my holidays are nearly done & i am back at work in 2 days....how does that happen?
in typical 50percent fashion, i am still to get gifts to friends i work with. my brooch making came to a halt when the rainy weather wouldn't let my paint dry & so i lost interest....am back into it today despite the rain.
we have a new baby in the family...he is a tiny maltelier puppy & as we are first time dog owners, i am the typically annoying 42yo first-time mother at the vet with a million questions. i am surprised at how in love with him i am as i have never been a dog sorta gal. he has melted me though.....despite the toilet training & 0430hr starts most mornings. man he is cute!
the rain continues & i am reaching for my inner craft diva to make use of my last few days of holidays....i am going to let the kids (fur children included) fend for themselves (they have a new x-box bought yesterday with savings & a 15yo niece to entertain) & be totally selfish for the day i've decided.....& finish something for god's sake! am off to find my rainbow....
print by dazeychic on etsy...love her style

Thursday, December 16, 2010

christmas ready or not....

i am probably the most disorganized i have ever been for christmas. barely any gifts sorted. man's birthday tomorrow & no gift yet.
i am curiously calm though.
another storm is coming & i am looking forward to smelling the rain.
i am making brooches & dreaming of doillies.
my first day of holidays & i am just catching my breath.

photo from creature comforts


this photo made me smile last night in bed with the iphone in the blackout.

i got home from a long 12 hour day at work....my last day before 3 weeks holiday! my family had dinner cooking. then....lights out. the storm nuked all power for a few hours. the candles were lit. dinner served in bowls, books read by candlelight & the 4 of us chatting & having laughs in the dark together...for hours.

i'm not sure about anyone else, but we are pretty routine in the evening - dinner together, clean up together, showers & then chill time (often with the boys upstairs & the 2 of us catching up on the couch. bedtimes are apparently strict in our house. well, so my kids tell me....i think it's just fine. more often than not of late, they are tucking me into bed!

last night was just beautiful. i sat on the couch, had dinner served to me, kids hanging around reading joining in the convo & man & i enjoying a glass of wine together. lovely family time.
we both commented that thanks to mother nature, we had an unexpected peachy family night in.

sometimes it really is the little things....

photo from how about orange

Friday, October 8, 2010


i have booty....yes, my arse is big, but i am talking booty from holidays....crafty, delicious, exciting booty direct from places like...
purl soho - omg the most gorgeous shop. the photo above is from their embroidery hoop display. this place is pure porn for the crafty chicks out there. i visited twice & was so overwhelmed i couldn't decide what to buy...madness. i do have a little fabric bundle, felt buttons & tiny embroidery hoops though....& freezer paper for stenciling...in fact, 12 metres of the stuff. shit i can stencil a whole freaking room! 
moma - i have nyc in a bag. it was a rainy day & busy indoors but amazing to see up close the works of the great artists of the world... breathtakingly close up!
kiteya - amazingly gorgeous little bag from a beautiful japanese store in soho. nerida, you would wet your pants...in a good happy way! i was literally nearly wetting my pants as loos are hard to come by in nyc & i had my 3 boys waiting outside hungry, so a short quick shop.
verbena - i have bookplates & a cute little lunch bag to take to work each day...from shirlington village, washington dc. this village was picture book perfect & we stayed here for 4 nights & totally adored the dog friendly village atmosphere among the locals.
limelight market - an incedible church turned boutique market place...beautiful & i regret not snapping away for photos....i have lacey coaster goodness & a new teacup with silicon lid.
meatpacking district markets - i have gorgeous earrings from a street stall. this was a relaxing day in the sunshine & a walk along the high line....this is worthy of a post all it's own.
anthropologie - i have teatowels with crochet edges from this extremely overpriced store. must admit, i was disappointed. their stores are huge & beautiful to browse around but mostly quite overpriced.
disneyworld - i have jedi mickey & darthvader goofy (there is a story behind that)
madison park market - i have graffiti art photos for framing
banana republic - cute little pieces of clothing that make me smile
swarovski crystal - i have the most beautiful ring that shimmers brightly & changes colour depending on the light.
totally amazing booty! shit hot booty. shake your arse booty!

i'm back baby!

wow, have i got loads to share & talk about!!

we landed back on aussie soil early tuesday morning....after a 20 hour journey from new york. i have had the best holiday ever & am totally in love with nyc & it's vibrant energy.
so, i still have the half written postcards from vegas in my bag, the washing is almost done & i have big plans for a travel blog......but don't hold your breath. remember i'm 50percentkaz!
i am however, the happiest & most relaxed i've been in a very long time....& it feels great. i have a huge endorphin-like high going on & what a buzz it is.

the craft itch has me scratching though & i am totally obsessed with vintage telephones & doilies (still). so, this weekend i am stitching me up a little something & chasing down a stamp i have been lusting after for some time. my brooch obsession continues also, so look out!

as i am obsessed with vintage phones, i just bought this one & i cannot wait for it to arrive in the post. so excited. isn't she beautiful??


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