Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i just read how auntycookie is outsourcing her cleaning. it's the new black. i have never had a cleaner before...not that i haven't wished & prayed for one....but i have someone coming in next week for the next few months. it was as though auntycookie was in my mind i swear.

friends have had cleaners.....some stories are great & others involve cleaners drinking all the alcohol in the house, stealing money & jewellery, having boyfriends over....i kid you not! but i am prepared to give it a go. there is very little alcohol in the house, no worthwhile jewellery lying around & i will give her enough jobs so she won't have time for the boyfriend. and i am hoping she irons too.....

any recommendations? i have gone through an agency a friend is using, so i am hoping it works out. i may want to keep her there's a thought!

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