Sunday, August 9, 2009

gin & the maid...

last night my soon to be cleaner calls me to arrange a meeting...all good, except i had already had 2 gin & tonics & our youngest is telling me the maid is on the phone. to him, this is a hotel & he figures it's about time the maid turned up.

anyhow, my help is asking if i mind if she brings her 9yo daughter i responded with well i wasn't really expecting that to happen...meaning, i am f%*&g paying you to clean, not for me to be your babysitter!! the gin helped to relax me & i think she got the message...that she needed to make other arrangements...

am i too harsh? if she had been my cleaner for a few years & she was stuck for a babysitter, then maybe i'd be ok. but i haven't even bloody met her yet....& i am paying her to clean right? what do you think?

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