Tuesday, August 4, 2009


remember how i am redoing my eldest's room....redoing is probably the wrong word. it never really got decorated in the first place, so we are starting at the beginning.

well, we are getting there. we settled on the redblackwhite colour scheme & it looks fresh & cool. he has a serious set up coming together up there. so far, i have stuck to my budget. ikea is a godsend....it's just that the putting together part of ikea stuff always takes us an eternity to get done.

i am trying to bum a lift to officeworks this week to get the clipboards & desk accessories i need ....thanks clare at mondocherry for the source of her clipboards!

this baby of ours turned 13 yesterday & we celebrated by taking him for a nice dinner on saturday night @ kingsleys. he loves his steak (& they have prawns & crab for us non-cow-munching peeps) & had the best birthday dinner ever! they made just the right amount of fuss over him & were fantastic! later, my man & i cried some happy, proud tears & felt amazed at how quickly the years have passed.......but i am the proudest mum ever & am just loving how this young man is turning out....his brother is (& always has been) more of a challenge shall we say....but he is pretty cool too though.....they are impossible to compare (& who'd want to) & are so different in every way - i feel so blessed to have them both in my life & i try to never take it for granted. these guys are what make my life worthwhile. they make my heart sing!

i feel blessed that he is 13 & talks - not grunts- to me about everything (for how long, i am unsure), has a great sense of humour, is kind & considerate of others & is happy & healthy....& is already planning his gap year! travelling is in his genes!! go for it kiddo...

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