Friday, August 28, 2009


i sit here waiting for the electrician to turn up...who was meant to be here 2 days ago & finally got back to me to rearrange for this morning. his time slot is rapidly running out. do they think we have all day to sit around & wait?
what if i came to work 2 days late....sorry i got held up with the last job....but i am here now to charge you a ridiculous amount of money for my services....the cash price is cheaper....and btw you get to clean up the mess afterwards....i don't think so people.
i wish i could charge what i think my services are worth....see i have diplomas & degrees out the bazoonga...6 years of study in fact....a year of being treated like a moron & being yelled at for wearing the wrong coloured stockings - thanks to midwifery training at ipswich maternity...bed making skills to die for....the ability to spot a wanker from 100 yards....& knowing when to get my gloves on.
so a sparky plays with a few wires....when he finally bothers to turn up!
with all their cash work it is no wonder they can afford to be at the tavern for lunch.

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