Saturday, April 11, 2009

what i don't get

call me crazy (again) but i don't get:
  • a woman so pure that she doesn't eat anything with a face (vegetarian apparently) but will happily sleep her way to the top. maybe the men she sleeps with don't have faces either?? did i mention the marriage and children too?
  • parents who worry about pedophiles wondering the streets and then happily let their children (all under 7) roam the neighbourhood for hours on end without a parent in site.
  • peeps on power trips who don't bat a mascara painted eyelash at stealing colleagues' ideas and passing them off as their own - continually. taking the credit and climbing their way over humble hard working peeps on their race to the top....while leaving their children at home alone with a babysitter.

is it just me? it makes me sad....children are not an accessory or an inconvenience. they need love and encouragement that only a parent knows. or is meant to know.....just saying...

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