Thursday, April 9, 2009

tea (or condom) wallet

i saw this on nerida's blog this morning and had to give it a go. perfect for the mother's day stall at school. perfect for my mum as a little extra to her mother's day present and perfect for me too. CF says it could fit condoms too.....i am sure he is still suffering from post-vasectomy-stress disorder. seriously, i doubt he could remember the last time he needed a condom wallet!

so, if you need a stash of condoms discreetly hidden away, or peppermint teabags to stow in your bag...give this a go. it takes around 30 minutes if you are nerida or an hour if you are me. i have been storing my teabags in a plastic ziplock bag, so now they have a pretty home.
there is much for me to improve on is a prototype. i didn't bother with the topstitching either as i was sure to stuff that up. and i used some ribbon i had and a cheap button from big w - hey, it looks all vintage! i am avoiding spotlight of late, so using what i have.
and i would stick with velcro if you are the condom type. you wouldn't want to lose precious moments with a fiddly button!


  1. I have not laughed so hard in a long time! I like the idea of a condom wallet with this fabric...

  2. that fabric just brought a smile to my face. i'd like to see what could go on in that little tent! and the six packs!! great condom fabric!! kaz



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