Friday, April 24, 2009

life as a patient

yesterday i had an interesting day in a private hospital... on the bed rather than beside it. just a few tests really. it meant i got to watch from a patient's perspective & this is what i noticed:
  • most nurses really don't look at themselves in the mirror before coming to work
  • confidentiality is virtually non-existent when a curtain is your wall. this i knew already but it reinforced the fact
  • anaesthetists are much better at communicating when a patient is sedated & paralyzed under a GA. These guys (& gals) rarely have a personality. this i knew too but my gas guy had less personality than i ever imagined possible. he did do a good job, so i guess we can't all be talkers??
  • it's a job for pays the bills & i could tell most of them didn't have their heart in it - sad really

the first nurse i met was impressed i was an easy admission. judging from the grey haired women around me with their walkers, i was an absolute breeze. and she said my hair was great! no makeup, starving, a gown blowing in the breeze and paper knickers but my hair impressed her. must tell my hairdresser....

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