Saturday, April 4, 2009

fabric buy

so here is my fabric booty from during the week. from funky fabrix at mitchelton. i must dream up something day.
the sun has hidden again, so photo is crap! and it is a tad humid!!!
boy #1 returned from 3 rain soaked days of camp. a little tired and smelly but unharmed.
and yes, oficially school holidays again now. a few sleep ins are planned here i can tell you.
i am very unmotivated and a little grumpy (apparently) know the days when everything seems a chore. and you feel a little bitchy and lazy....and want to hide from everyone for peace and quiet.
i am hiding in here pretending to craft but just got found out...the boys are both crafting and painting (and eating cheezles i think) and CF is applying for new jobs. he is trying not to be fat, forty & fired - a funny read if you get the book. but i am sure he secretly wishes he had 6 months to waste away the days....personally, i think he would be bored by week 2. and one of us would be dead. his personality just doesn't suit relaxing! he is mr overachiever, mr bored easily, mr high expectations....and i compliment him so well as i am not these things (apparently).
more on him next post! i adore him though and he knows when it is best to leave me in hiding!

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  1. I love your choices..those florals are lovely and bold!



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