Monday, April 6, 2009

current addictions

i have to confess i am a magazine whore......i devour them and make piles beside my bed and re-read often and dream of future projects.....ahhh. stuff like these

i am also hooked on the twilight series...don't ask why. i cannot explain....maybe it is my adolescent brain making a comeback...i escape into a world of vampires each night before bed...and i am sleeping better than ever
in other randomness....
  • i cannot buy enough danish feta to keep me happy
  • i am totally addicted to the biggest loser - i cry each episode and am so proud of their achievements. i put on 30kgs each pregnancy (and i am 5ft 2)...i feel their pain! they inspire me. and no, don't panic...i don't roll around the halls anymore
  • basil is my best friend - in pasta, frittatas, get the idea
  • cooking magazines and books....if only i cooked more.
  • wagamama - i have eaten here 3 times in about 6 weeks. it is heaven. a definite addiction

ok it is board game time with my boys...i am off to build a hotel empire with aquire. cool game for adults too! and addictive!

1 comment:

  1. my fav mags are Real Living, Frankie and Marie Claire Idees (French). Yum.



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