Monday, April 20, 2009

one day too long

ok, so we breezed through these school holidays....they had some time off which helped. the thing is, he is in jakarta now and my boys had a "pupil free" day 2 weeks wasn't quite enough rest for the teachers. we were all a bit lost today. boys were a tad bored. i was a bit over it all. we all did our own thing. and we all felt a little bored. these holidays were just a day too long.

so, i was thinking....what if we had a "patient free" day at work. you know, so we could get all of those boring jobs done without the interruptions. How civilised - no one pushing at knock off time. no one breaking their waters at morning tea time. no one having an emergency prior to me having breakfast......wouldn't it be nice! get all of the online education packages done in peace. catch up on the latest research in work time. actually pee and eat during the 8 hours at work! Noooooo!

teachers are a precious lot aren't they? they have schedules and routine and set times to pee and eat......such luxuries don't exist in my world that's for sure. So, i pay private school fees for my boys to have several pupil free days each term. yippee. i'd like to know what goes on at school on these days. it had better be good people!

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