Thursday, April 9, 2009

weddings & love stories

he have a wedding to attend in a month. precious friends with a gorgeous girl. we have booked a room at the reception and the boys can watch movies and eat out the minibar to their heart's content. it is the first time we will be letting the kids do this. as #1 will be 13 soon, we need to give it a go. and we will be 1 floor down....

it got us to remembering our own wedding. we were so in love, broke and about to move to darwin and never lived together before. the wedding was arranged in just 6 weeks and was very small. 28 guests. it was emotional and relaxed. that was 14 years ago. we paid for it ourselves and it was on a very tight budget. but i don't think it's about the money and frills. it's about 2 peeps in love on a crazy journey together.

everyone thought i was up the, just in love!

see, i had just had the ink dry on my divorce papers - granted on valentines day (of course)...i had married young, the wrong person, wrong time. no kids. it regrets. i escaped to work in the middle east and came home to sell a house and repack bags for another adventure. i wasn't counting on ever getting married again....and then we found one another...and i just knew.
it was beautiful. and still is. my heart still skips a beat when he comes home from being away. we have been through so much and we are still here, in love and looking forward to each and every new chapter....good and bad...together it will work out....i want the happy ending.

this is the first photo of a wedding i found with a quick search. check out their gorgeous photos here they are so in love and it makes my heart sing. and yes, he is bald! i am not into the tats though....

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