Thursday, April 30, 2009

this made me cry this morning. i am a bit teary of know. i have had a very emotional week & am bunkered down to regain strength.
and the biggest loser is amazing were they all at the end. except for tanya as she appeared to not try very hard at all. she is a tanty thrower & expects others to do the work for her. she will always be fat....just saying!!
the good thing is, i am now loving masterchef. anyone else into it? this can be my new addiction.
well, of course i had to cook a citrus tart last night - it turned out very citrusy. a little too tarty maybe. i will be posting the recipes on my other blog when i find time.
and we had some panfried snapper with spicy chickpeas....omg, so yummy!! from the latest edition of delicious i think....officially i was on tart duty. and i only chopped the onion for the main cannot really claim is as my own. so yum though. i have been a little fearful of chickpea after effects, but so far, so good....for everyone.
have much sewing to finish off for the mother's day stall at school. a great way to avoid the pile of ironing...
and i am off to the craft fair tomorrow. i am sneaking in at some stage. i hold high hopes but feel i may be disappointed. i know the melbourne one would have been amazing, just a little scared it will be a little country up here. i am going with my best attitude though & am sure i will be pleasantly surprised....brisbane is all grown up now & there are some amazing crafters up here, so there is much hope!

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