Wednesday, April 29, 2009

no more naked weddings & other goodness

so here are some of my old faves from etsy..... i have been searching of late for a little gift for someone special. and i now have someone on the job. i do love etsy, the internet and the universal access to amazingly talented peeps....

more goodness.....i won't be going naked to the wedding....yeah!! thank god for girlfriends, witchery & pashminas. so....
  • it does have teeny straps but the pashmina will prevent frostbite
  • it is a dress
  • it is a nude/light grey colour
  • it does cover my knees
  • it did cost more than i wanted to pay
  • it does cover most of my worse bits - i will be wearing bridget jones pants to suck it all in!
  • it does go with shoes i already own
  • it does allow me to wear a strapless bra for a boost
  • it does make me smile when i put it on

so not all bad this week.

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