Wednesday, April 22, 2009


got this cute photo here. i have linked to creature comforts before as i love her photography & style.

last weekend i went on a baking izzy in gray's anatomy. i baked banana cake, choc chip muffins, banana bread and caramel slice....ahh the loveliness of it all.

and cf brought me my donna hay mag. is it just me or has she gotten a tad boring? i used to love her styling tips and have all her books. maybe she is just too familiar now.

but i did buy these from here. they are a bit donna hay-ish aren't they?

they are an editable (not edible) pdf, so you can type up your recipes, print them out & keep them neat. you just can't save them. for the cost of a few dollars, snap them up. i love them.
***please excuse the poor layout of photos - no time to figure it all out!
we raced home yesterday to bake a batch of scones. so yummy straight out of the oven with raspberry jam & cream. my nan would've been proud.
am all up myself on the baking front & might even have a little baking blog in the near future. because i have so much time on my hands - not!

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  1. oh I love a good card system! They are gorgeous. I'm very impressed with your scone escapade..yummo!



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