Friday, April 10, 2009


ok, so i have new respect for the softie makers of the universe. here is my first attempt at a softie. the opinions (from the ones with penises) so far are:
  • mutent scissor head bunny
  • it doesn't look like a rabbit
  • its sooo soft
  • why aren't the ears floppier
  • how do you know it's a she (durr)

i think i made it hard for myself...i had some super soft fur fabric which i thought would be perfect for a soft bunnie back. yes but not quick and easy. and this is the first face i have ever attempted too. after a glass of wine, i thought i could do anything...i was almost too scared to look in the daylight of this morning. a bit like when you are out drinking and reapply makeup in the girls toilets and look at the photos has been many years since that has happened! a bridget jones moment for sure.

i loosely followed this tutorial here. i made the face up myself. and i ditched the instructions at the half way point. very 50percent...

well, she is finished. and of course she is a girl. as if i'd have another boy in the house! even the bird and cat are boys, so i need a chick on my side.....

1 comment:

  1. she looks like the type of girl who would pour you the last out of the bottle and order another one. and lend you a lipstick in the toilets. the whole idea of softies is to ditch the instructions at the 1/2 way point and make them your own. she's lovely Kaz!



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