Saturday, April 4, 2009

my very own pierce brosnan

ok, so the same cpr friend - read cpr post - does this thing where she imagines the sort of lives we live outside of work. you would have to work with us to even imagine what we see in a day and trust me, some days we need the escape to imaginary worlds....
anyhow, for me she revealed that i would have a gorgeous doting husband who looks like pierce brosnan, live an amazing life, with my 2 wonderful boys.....cue my hysterical laughter as she was telling me this...she just looks at me and says he's bald isn't he? i was still laughing but managed a nod. we both nearly wet our pants. so, i was retelling this to CF and he just looks at me and now i have gone from being pierce brosnan to george costanza! great, she thinks i am george from seinfeld! honey you are no are my very own 007! and i dig bald guys!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm a David Tennant girl. My girlfriend and I decided we would mud wrestle for his affections if he ever stopped by. I'd scratch her eyes out.



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