Thursday, June 25, 2009

training....warning f word alert

sports bra - check
pelvic floor - check
ipod - check
positive attitude - check

i skipped through my last few days of the training schedule...well, i did have 2 rest days in the 3 days.
today was the 10 minute walk-5 minute jog-10 minute walk routine. thought i can do that.
fuck, i am not built to jog. not even miley cyrus' the climb could keep me going the full 5 minutes. with snot on my face, my tracksuit pants falling down (accidentally left the mobile phone in pocket) & me gasping for breath must have been quite the sight....thank god none of the celery munching yummy mummies were out with their designer prams to laugh at me. with a quick wipe of the face & pull up of the pants i pushed through for the total 5 minutes in the end....i was told by my man there was no one, two, skip a few minutes involved in the program. he so knows me!
thank god tomorrow is a rest day. somehow i have to do a 10 minute jog/walk routine the following day. i have to work on the breathing and running at the same time.
am off to find some gatorade!

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