Wednesday, June 3, 2009

slight improvement but cops involved

an intense but great shift at work...driving home close to midnight in my suburb...last set of lights turning orange at our local shops...not a car in site...i keep going...then see the cop car at the lights as my light turns red before my arse crosses the line...cue flashing lights & pissed off twenty year old girl's how it pans out:
cop: do you know why you have been pulled over?
me : yes
cop: do you have anything to say? note grumpiness & flashlight in my window...obviously her nightshift just started
me: no...i get it...i did the wrong thing...i am a midwife & i am on my way home from work & i am tired
cop: where do you work?
me: ******
cop: oh, my mother's a midwife....note half smile & more gentle attitude.....thinking she has heard about all the shit we deal with!!
cop: ok don't do it again...i saw her smile
me: ok thanks see ya...

could not believe my luck....she softened. she was only 20 i am sure....but a cranky know, all hard arse cop attitude fresh out of rookie school... i was so tired, i couldn't have cared less if she fined me. i have had 1 speeding ticket my whole life & no other cop involvement, so i am no frequent flyer.
i couldn't even be bothered to tell her my bladder was up to my eyeballs & my uterus felt like i had removed it & it was dragging behind the car hitting the road...just couldn't be bothered....

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