Wednesday, June 3, 2009


cute cufflinks from here.
it is our 14 year wedding anniversary this month. we are not into expensive anniversary gifts but i think this year i will do something nice for my man....we have had an extremely stressful year & we are both trying hard to bring more fun into our lives & spend more time on shared goals & family know...the constant juggle that is all our lives.
i found these cute cufflinks (sooo cheap btw) on etsy & have to order them for him. he keeps losing his expensive ones i have bought for him. and lego has been a large part of our life believe it or not! our 2 boys just get into bigger & more complicated sets but lego building is still a daily ritual...we are talking star wars galactic ships peeps...
we are off to dinner & the pink concert too which should be fun....and i have something else in mind but cannot say as he peeks here.
what do you do for anniversaries?

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