Thursday, June 25, 2009

it's a kids world

last day of term today. last alarm set for a few weeks.......
things we are planning:
  • seaworld on saturday to burn our free pass before it expires on 30 june
  • have a donut day......the plan is to have only hot cinnamon donuts for lunch
  • get serious plans done for 13yo boy bedroom.......i feel an ikea trip coming
  • find some ideas for boy bedroom. why are there no cool teen boy designs to be found anywhere?? i am not talking themes....just ideas. more research & thinking required.
  • get some sewing projects done - the cushions are still a figment of my imagination
  • boardgames day.......i have some serious catching up to do as i have been the big loser of late
  • spend a few nights at the gold coast for man to run his marathon....i am scared for him!
  • squeeze in a sleepover for some friends
and all the boring stuff like get the car serviced, clean up (as if that will happen but if i write it here, i may have more chance of doing it) & buy new shoes & uniforms for boys - they really need to slow the growing thing down. it is killing me!
hope you enjoy the holidays too.........

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