Thursday, June 25, 2009

letterpress. cot bumpers. darwin....totally related!

since delving into blog world, there are a few things i have noticed. maybe it's just me.... but we seem very different from the americans. an epiphany i know...

i stumble across alot of american blogs & for some reason i am drawn to the pretty ones that end up with wedding info...or the baby ones with designy baby stuff. this is wierd in itself as i am already married & have no intention of doing it again & there will be no more babies here either. go figure?

i have noticed that they all have cot bumpers......didn't they get banished here years ago for sids risks?? maybe something has changed as i have not had a child in a cot for 9 years now....

and the amount of money spent on weddings seems astronomical.....i was reading about budget invites & when this particular post revealed the gorgeous budget letterpress invite price paid was $2000 i was gobsmacked.... for 2 reasons:
1.they thought that was a cheap price & a budget option & linked to it and
2.people actually spend that sort of money on invites?
i think our whole wedding cost less than that!

there are many more things i could think of if i tried but these 2 things pop up regularly. so maybe i am just different. maybe i just need to get a life & stop thinking about things that don't concern me.

i blame the beautiful letterpress designs out there. i am a sucker!
and maybe i am a tad bemused at all the baby stuff out there these darwin, we had not much at all & our babies were mostly naked. not from bad parenting. it is just too hot. and the clothes they did wear were from target. internet was brand new. designer shops didn't exist. we had a toy library that was great. we hung out at home with friends alot & it was very laid back & unpretentious....actually it was fun. and no pressure to anything. and it was soooo relaxed! darwin, you were great!
**letterpress invite found here.

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