Friday, June 5, 2009

mummy...all wrapped up

ok, so after a disaster of glue & tracky pants, i changed 7pm last night. i should definitely stay away from glue in future!
this photo was taken at 10.30pm last night...way past his bedtime...but i needed him for fittings, especially for the head bit that was made at 11pm & finished this morning........he was sooo sweet. he was making me cups of tea, ironing his own uniform, sorting breakfast & school lunches & was forever thankful.
i ended up making calico pants which i sewed strips of calico onto each piece & just sewed them up as normal with an elastic waist. it worked so well. the top i would've done the same way if i'd had time....instead i tacked & glued strips of calico onto a white long sleeved tee. he needed to get into & out of the outfit at school with no help. that was the tricky have it fitted but removeable.
the head piece was made with a calico shell velcroed at the back that i tacked on strips of calico to. i am hoping it will all last the day to get the complete photo....he was very turned out better than i expected got finished & there were no tears or tantrums! yeah for mummies - both kinds!

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