Tuesday, June 16, 2009

clever aussie girls

check this blog out for some great shots of donna hay's new store...via decor8
i would love to have a girlie weekend in sydney & check out some cool stores like this. the last time i had a girlie weekend in sydney was about 5 years ago. it was all about the champagne, facials, shopping & goss.....ahhh. why has it been so long?

but i read about a weekend getaway with shannon fricke that might be fun too. it's a designy weekend in byron bay......what could be wrong about that?!
i am a total dag but would love to sit & listen to shannon for a day. and byron bay is a fave of mine....remember my dream retirement home near there? and bangalow....i could just eat, drink, lay in the sun & listen to designy speak all weekend....dream up more projects to half finish....bliss! i would totally look like i don't belong because i'd imagine that the other peeps signing up would be way more cultured than me...in an india hicks sorta way...i dream of being stylish but am settling for comfortable right now...but it would be fun! and i promise i will wax before coming....anyone want to come??

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