Monday, June 15, 2009


busy week & hiding from the computer as my mum was here for 3 days. she is blissfully unaware of my true reality & just wouldn't get it. i had to instruct all 3 boys not to mention the word blog & to never tell of my secret world of blogging...they looked for bribes...they were told they would be written out of the will if they muttered a word...all good. we all survived....i told my eldest he would understand one day as i am sure there will be things he won't want me to know, all was quiet on the blogging front.

but now, back to my reality! yeah. and i must say i missed my blog rounds & checking in on peeps of the blogging world. and i missed having my say...i am a bit like that. even at work i tell myself i won't get involved. will keep quiet. will not say it how it is & how i see it. will blend into the background...but shit i cannot do it! i am a leo & we need to be heard. it is in my stars you see. not my fault!
so what have i been up to?
  • taking my dearest friend to dinner for her birthday & drinking champagne & wine & giggling loud at a quiet restaurant
  • hanging with pink at her first brissie concert this week. great night. dinner date with my man before the concert...not so sure about her man groin but she is very sexy!
  • getting into my fabric bird house a la tamar...just a roof to complete now
  • taking my mum to brunch & relaxing with her
  • buying cushion supplies for the little guys who turned one last week - so i am typically late...& cushion design is still a work in my head even...
  • catching up with other friends for coffee & chats
  • nasty incidents to report this week thankfully
a good week on reflection. no disasters. no tantrums. just a few tears.....

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