Wednesday, June 17, 2009

pink & tiffany

let me clear some things up...

no, i didn't officially hang with pink at her concert...i had a shitty seat where i had to peek over a railing half the night to see properly. being short does suck. i would have loved nothing more than meeting up back stage & checking all the costumes out & asking her lots of questions...a bit like when i asked my man to take me to a strip club in melbourne centuries ago...i'd never been to one & i was curious...and then i asked the girls loads of questions...almost like an was fun & very interesting. they were so normal....and no, there were no private dancers for us!

i am a hopeless shopper & left tiffany with nothing....i did try lots on & i loved that my man surprised me & wanted to buy me something there....but it seemed like a lot of money & extravagance for jewellery....i am more practical...sad but was enough that he was prepared to do it.

so, no, i am not dripping with jewels, sitting in my lingerie & drinking vb with pink & carey....but that would be fun for a night!, i am not a beer drinking bogan...i would be sipping champagne but i hear she likes vb...

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