Tuesday, June 2, 2009

it can only get better....

the week has to get better....
  • man is recovering from man flu...in only a way that a man can
  • yesterday at work i dealt with the most offensive thing i have seen in quite some time. and trust me, i have seen some shit! seriously, i could floor you with some stories...i cannot go into it as i will be persecuted by the human rites peeps...won't give details but lets just say it smelt horrendous, is a total social nightmare, i was thanking god it was the end of my shift & a 14 minute hot shower erased the smell....hygiene people, hygiene!!! i do not get paid enough & i am way too old for this now........
  • today i get to back up for work again. joy. it can only improve
  • crafting priority is costume for ancient worlds day on friday for yr 8. i have to produce a mummy outfit...no not the toilet paper variety. something much better...i hope! the chickens have been salted, stuffed & mummified & placed in their sarcophagus...teachers have brains & ability these days...
  • i lost miserably at monopoly on sunday. it was a fierce game. it is the new world game with properties around the world for sale for millions...we have a buzzer & we get to bid like an auction for properties landed on but not being snapped up at full price...fun! give it a go
  • my little fabric bird cage is almost fifty percent there....sorta

happy for improvements from today!

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  1. Yikes I wonder what bullet point #2 alludes to. Does NOT sound pleasant!

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