Tuesday, June 23, 2009

exercise......kaz style

i am on a mission yet again...you know, drop a few kilos, feel fitter...boring!
anyhow, i saw this piece in the paper for a training schedule for the bridgetobrisbane on the weekend. obviously i am in the total newbie section & don't worry, i have absolutely no intention of running a race! phew!!

no, i need some surgery in a month & will be laying around on my arse for 4-6 weeks, sipping tea, scoffing cakes & crafting while i recover....and although i am shit scared of the surgery, i am more shit scared of getting fatter & more peri-menopausal afterwards.......so i saw the first week training schedule & was totally attracted to day 1 - REST. i thought shit, i can do that!! so, day 1 went well.......

day 2 is today & entails a 10 minute walk.....i think i can even do that....then i have the choice of rest or cross training.......let me see now??? REST of course.....this week sounds too good to be true. i am yet to investigate the following weeks. maybe best i be surprised so i don't give up yet.....like i normally do.

am off to do my 10 minute walk peeps......

meanwhile, my man is training for the gold coast marathon. he has run some half marathons before, but this is the full monty........42kms......this is my nothing in halves, everything at the extreme end husband......who even drinks intense teabags! wtf?? anyhow, we have a few nights booked at the coast for it & some family time planned..we will cheer him at the finish line & throw him in the car back to the hotel afterwards.......bless him. we have the nipple bandaids & new joggers all ready! how & why the flock anyone runs that far willingly is beyond me....but he will have the t-shirt to prove it........

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