Thursday, May 21, 2009

what drought?

so, enough rain for you peeps of brisbane? omg - what a few days it has been. stay safe everyone. our school sent a text through at 6.30am this morning to let us know all was good for school today. the boys were mighty miffed as they thought for sure the roads would still be flooded & they'd have another day at home......nope. just me & the cat...and the anaemic bird.

i had quite a trip home yesterday with all the flooded roads & chaos as everyone was trying to leave the city. my cruisy 30 minute trip became a 90 minute crawl of patience. one of the car parks at work was waist deep in water with all of the cars trapped. cf thought i was exaggerating until he saw the news last night. apparently i tend to exaggerate some times. i like words like always, everywhere, everyone....

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