Sunday, May 3, 2009

bipolar sewing

ok, so maybe i am a crafty way.
i have sooo many grand plans for some little projects & have a mountain of fabric around me. I have to prioritise though or i will need to be medicated to achieve it all.
here's the list:
  • finish tea bag wallets for school mother's day stall
  • make labels for wallets & heat packs
  • package up the chocolates & other goodies i am donating for the stall
  • make clutch purse for wedding
  • make cami for new witchery top that jumped in my bag when i was buying the dress for the wedding
  • make cushions for my bed with fabric i bought from here at craft fair
  • decide which amy butler quilt i am going to make & sort the fabric out. check out her designs here. The patterns are all free. i have printed 2 off....august fields & lotus brick path
  • make a little something for a friend's birthday. i know just the project & i have 10 weeks for that one. phew!

so, my list is long. there are lots of fiddly bits....i need to design the purse pattern first and then cut into some gorgeous lace i found yesterday at spotlight. it is metalic silver fine lace & might look fab over some plain black fabric....we'll see. it was $4, so if it ends up in the corner, the boys still get to eat. no promises on the clutch ever eventuating btw. i am a realist now.

i only have until tuesday to have all the gifts sorted for some lucky mums. i decided to make extra & donate them for the teacher to give quietly for the children who may have nothing for their mums next weekend. many families are doing it tough & i wanted to quietly contribute. only the teacher knows it is me, so i feel a little like santa....& it feels great to give.

more on the tea wallet fiasco to come.......

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