Thursday, May 21, 2009

tamar bird houses

ok, so i discover i can buy a 15cm bird house for $ it but....i can't live in it & for that price i would need to sell a small child....tempting i know... so i am now even more determined to have a go myself....neridaaaaaa....

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  1. I finished the one I was attempting and it turned out OK. I didn't do the tapering sides - that looked too hard! I just did rectangles so I could work out what I was doing...well, kind of.

    Here's what I did:
    - cut out cardboard template
    - placed template on fabric and cut around (leaving seam allowance)
    - right sides together, sewed the fabric together leaving the top open; turn; slide in cardboard; whipstitch top closed. Do for all pieces.
    - whipstitch pieces together using contrast thread so you can see outside detail; whipstitch around edge of roof.
    - for the hole, cut out the hole to size on your cardboard; sew fabric as above, but don't turn; slide in cardboard and slash with a scalpel in a pizza shape around inside of hole; take out cardboard; press pieces out; turn; slide in cardboard and whipstitch top closed then around the hole.
    - attach roof at each corner of the birdbox with a few stitches.

    Hope that helps. I'll take some photos of the finished one and post them soon.



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