Thursday, May 21, 2009

lustworthy bird house

i can't let the fabric bird house thing go. these are from tamar mogendorff & i need to know how to make one. i might even just make up a pattern. no idea where to start of course. but that has never stopped me before......any help greatly appreciated.


  1. I am running a childrens art class and we are having a go at making these. I used cardboard from cereal boxes for the frame. One long narrow piece for the sides and bottom, two identical shaped 'funny' rectangles for the front and back and then the roof. The kids wrapped the fabric around the card and masking taped it down then we sewed around the edge on the sewing machine. They loved that! I hand stitch the front and back to the long narrow side piece and then tack the roof on. Its' a bit fiddly but they've liked doing it so far. I'll post some photo's on my blog as we go if you want to have a look - and then click on the link to Busy Daisy Art Classes. Good luck...

  2. thanks so much! wow i will definitely check it out. how exciting. ask for help & the universe delivers!!



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