Saturday, May 9, 2009

wedding day

this is the big day......our friends' special day. this photo is from here. the sun is shining, my hair is straight (god i love ghd), my frock is pressed, my clutch is sewn.........i am nearly ready.

i am so excited for our special friends. he was our best man 14 years ago & she i have only known for 10 months but it feels like a lifetime. you know the sort of friends....

speaking of friends. i have the most amazing friends in the world. one in particular is the most amazing woman i know. she has been close to my heart of late in a way she may never truly know or understand. i am so blessed to be surrounded by some amazing women. in a household full of boys, it is the women in my life that fill something else in me & give me something every time i spend time with them. i have learnt alot about myself this last month & alot about other people too. i have popped out the other side stronger & thankful for everything in my life. it is a journey & i am doing my best to give it all i've got.

girl friends, i cannot put into words how much you mean to me. it is not that simple. words seems so inadequate. i hope to give something to your journey the way you have given to mine.
you have blessed me with so much & for that i thank you from my heart. i wouldn't be here without you! i love you & feel so

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