Sunday, May 17, 2009

gifts,friends,rug guy,cops & bleeding nipples

this week has been full of surprises...wonderful & bizarre.

i caught up with one very dear friend who gifted me some gorgeous big black beads...heavy & tactile & absolutely beautiful...perfect! it really touched my heart that someone special would do something for me just to make me happy. wow! she is such a gorgeous girl!!

i returned to work yesterday after a month off, only to sleep in & be 45 minutes late. the alarm didn't go off. i'd been checking the time all night as i kept dreaming the alarm hadn't gone off.......turns out i had my phone on silent. silent alarm not so helpful in waking me as it turns out.
all good in the end. my patients had no place better to be. and they were a joy to care for.

bonus was i had lunch with a friend at work that i had a little gift for. she ran me around to & from hospital & sorted my dinner out recently (cf was away). she is one of those friends who would do anything for you & expects nothing in return. so i wanted to do something nice for her. i had a graphic designer custom make some bookplates with her name & phone number. this friend absolutely loves her books & is generous & lends some out....but peeps are slack in returning them. so a perfect gift i thought. the designer excelled & they were beautiful.....glossy stickers with delish modern design as per my (very brief) brief - thank god this designer can read minds!....and my friend loved them & was excited at a gift made just for her that was so right. ahhh mission accomplished. it was great to see the delight in her face.
ebay update - i ended up scoring 2 rugs for the grand total of $260 delivered to my door (the effing postage was a total of $110). rug guy says the rrp are $800 & $900....wouldn't surprise me but i wouldn't be paying that much for a rug for my cat to use as a scratching pole. they have been posted, so lets hope they are good. the ebay gods should be on my side.
now it is sunday & just returned from collecting 12yo from mate's house from sleep over. enroute called "000" - a first for me. idiot road rage incident at another car all happening in front
of me. scary as i had 9yo with lasted through 3 suburbs & i was sure the pursuit & aggression was going to cause a serious accident or end in a bashing. talk about adrenalin rush. shit!! anyhow, reported number plates & concerns to nice cop...says he has me still living in sir, i do have a qld drivers license i promise....he giggled & said he believed me. 9yo excited as he thinks we will be on the news, cops coming to our house & other excitement.
this is the same child who recently packed his own toilet paper for our overnight stay for the wedding (i couldn't answer him to how many stars the hotel was & he got nervous apparently) & then took every ammenity from the bathroom as we are entitled mum as we paid enough for the room....cute in his own way! promise...
so, back to my relaxing out running for 2 1/2 hours training for his marathon. he just popped back home for some nipple protection with bleeding nipples....i have no idea how you breastfed 2 babies & put up with this sort of pain...because i am tougher than you! obviously! cute in his own way! promise...
now, coffee & chocolate is in order........and back to my relaxing sunday.

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